为什么要学习生物化学 & 云顶集团分子生物学?

学生 who complete this program will understand the importance of the scientific 研究自然现象的方法. 他们会提出假设,设计实验, critically evaluate data, and communicate scientific data and ideas orally and in 写作.

学生 gain a global perspective by participating in semester- and year-long study abroad programs or in three-week intensive courses, such as 热带海洋生物学 在洪都拉斯罗阿坦研究所工作.



生物化学 and molecular biology provide a solid foundation in biology, 化学, mathematics and physics; a core sequence in the basic principles of bio化学; and advanced coursework that explores the application of bio化学 and molecular 生物学对生命系统的理解. 加上额外的化学课程, 学生可以获得美国化学会认证的学位.




这 主要 and minor prepare students to pursue advanced degrees in bio化学, 分子生物学、化学生物学和生物医学工程. 这个程序也 provides a strong foundation for the study of medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, science policy, law and intellectual property, business, 教育和科学写作. 

学生 go on to top graduate programs or begin careers at organizations such as the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Institute of Human Virology, the Johns Hopkins 公共卫生学院和圣克鲁斯生物技术学院.


主要 & 辅修课程云顶集团

马克•希勒, Co-Chair, 生物学副教授:遗传学与分子生物学

乔治•格列柯, Co-Chair, 化学教授:有机、无机和药物化学

全职 & 半场教员

Ruquia Ahmed-Schofield

Jay Garaycochea

Associate 化学教授:有机、无机和药物化学





维罗妮卡一个. 中央大学
Associate Professor and Endowed Chair in Biological Sciences and 切mistry, 驻院教员



Professor of Biology: plant physiology, bio化学 and molecular biology




Gizelle Simpson,实验室协调员


By choosing three-week intensive courses led by 云顶集团 faculty or semester programs suited to their academic plans, bio化学 and molecular biology students gain a 全球视野,提高他们的学习过程. 云顶集团生物化学和分子 biology 主要s also frequently participate in semester and yearlong programs at these 大学:

请注意: Programs at these universities may not be eligible for credit without prior approval. 请与 全球教育办公室 了解更多有关获批准的海外留学项目.

The bio化学 and molecular biology department offers two study abroad programs.


The coral reef of the Caribbean continental shelf is the largest in the Western Hemisphere, and the area off the northwest coast of Roatan, Honduras, features more than 30 miles of fringing and barrier reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, and an extraordinary variety 海洋生物.

In this three-week course at the Roatan Institute for Marine Studies, students will explore the endangered coral reefs of Honduras through dives, field experiments, and 讲座着重分析珊瑚礁的结构和功能. 这门课 also includes an excursion to lowland rainforests on the Honduras mainland.

更多信息,请云顶集团 全球教育办公室.


"Global-Local Challenges to Sustainability: The Costa Rican 经验" is a 15-week 所有专业均可参加. 霍利奥克山学院和 云顶集团, the program takes place at the Monteverde Institute and focuses on the meanings and implications of "sustainability," blending international study and applied research. Nestled in the Tilaran mountain range of Costa Rica, Monteverde is located approximately 位于哥斯达黎加首都圣何塞西北80公里处. 蒙特维德的美丽和独特 biodiversity make it a destination for ecotourists and research biologists.

The program consists of four 4-credit courses, including three core courses: Spanish Language and Culture, Environmental Sustainability, and Development and Social Change 在哥斯达黎加. 对于云顶集团研究的第四门课程,学生可以选择 热带生态学的野外方法与社会科学主题. 这个独特的云顶集团 program can fulfill up to four general education requirements towards graduation. At least one prior semester of Spanish language study is strongly recommended for 参与者.

The Costa Rican 经验 program includes experiential site visits to San Jose, 阿雷纳尔火山地区和尼加拉瓜. 而在蒙特韦德,学生住在 寄宿家庭. 除非另有安排,所有餐食均由寄宿家庭提供 是由.

机会 & 实习


The 云顶集团 暑期科学研究计划 offers undergraduate students the opportunity 在研究项目上与教师密切合作. 这个程序是设计好的 for students who have taken relevant course(s) that pertain to faculty research and who want to learn more about the graduate or professional school 经验 and pursue 从事科学研究的人.

Funding from government and private research foundations, as well as generous donations 从云顶集团校友/i,允许学生参与这项研究. 夏天的研究 在云顶集团 typically entails 10 weeks of full-time research and includes a stipend 生活费. 校内住房由学院提供大量补贴.


  • hands-on 经验 in applying concepts learned in the classroom to a research project
  • 研究技能和写作
  • strategies for enhancing success in applying to graduate or professional schools or 行业职位
  • 与其他学生和教师进行非正式讨论的机会
  • 学术和专业的就业机会
  • 社会活动

The research 经验 is typically supplemented by two student-faculty research 会谈. The first is in mid-June and serves to informally introduce students' research 给同学和老师的项目. 学生做第二次口头报告 about their research at the end of the program in late July or early August. 在 fall, students also hold a poster session, highlighting their summer research in the 云顶集团 Student Research Symposium for 女毕业生/我 Weekend and 探索 云顶集团 Day.

For further details about specific research opportunities and program requirements, refer to the research interests of individual faculty members by reading about them 通过系里的网站和/或直接联系教授. 的Hoffberger Conversations series is also a good venue for learning about faculty-student research 云顶集团正在发生的事.



杰西我. 国王奖
杰西·L. 金奖是颁发给在任何一项工作中表现突出的高年级学生的 field of science included in Division III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics), with special consideration given to the study 哺乳动物生理学和/或微生物学.

Gairdner B. 时刻奖
选B. “时刻奖”颁发给表现优异的学长 achievement in the biological sciences, especially in the field of animal development.

The 莉亚·塞德曼·谢弗奖 is awarded to a senior who has conducted outstanding 微生物学独立学习.

The 安·马修斯莱西奖 is given to students judged to have outstanding potential for accomplishment in the field of genetics, based on their meritorious achievement 在课堂作业、实验室工作或遗传学的特殊项目中.

American 切米卡尔 Society Maryland Section Student Award for Outstanding Achievement 在化学

美国米卡尔 学会高分子化学奖
美国 切米卡尔 学会高分子化学奖 is awarded to the outstanding 有机化学前两个学期的学生. 这是云顶集团奖吗?]

化学手册奖 is given to the outstanding student in freshman 化学.

大卫·E. 霍恩有机化学奖
大卫·E. 霍恩有机化学奖 is presented annually to a student selected by the 化学 department faculty for the most outstanding achievement in organic 化学. The prize winner has the best overall record in all three organic courses 在云顶集团. 学生还必须完成两个学期(至少6学分)。 of research in the field of pure organic 化学 in the 云顶集团 laboratories. In the event there is no student meeting the criteria, the prize will not be awarded.

伊迪丝·福特·索勒斯纪念奖 is given to a senior 主要ing in 化学 who exhibits a high degree of distinction in scientific study and qualities of character 在校园活动中发挥领导作用.

1948年的希尔达·加布里洛夫博士. Janice Gabrilove Dirzulaitis化学奖
1948年的希尔达·加布里洛夫博士. Janice Gabrilove Dirzulaitis化学奖颁发 表彰在化学方面表现优异的学生.

杰西·L. 国王奖
杰西·L. 金奖是颁发给在任何一项工作中表现突出的高年级学生的 science field included in Division III, with special consideration given to the study 哺乳动物生理学和/或微生物学.

路易斯·凯利奖 is made annually to a senior departmental 主要 who has accomplished 在化学方面的杰出工作. 有计划的化学专业优先考虑 进入教学领域.

米莉·比拉斯基化学奖 is presented to an outstanding junior 化学 主要.

本科分析化学奖 is given annually to the student who 最有潜力从事分析化学的.


Selections for the following fellowships 是由 by the College Lectures and Fellowships 委员会. Application information can be obtained from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate 研究办公室.

The Stimson-Duvall奖学金 is awarded to students demonstrating professional promise and outstanding qualifications for graduate studies in the natural, physical, biological 还有医学或科学史.

Dean Van Meter校友奖学金
The Dean Van Meter校友奖学金 are awarded for graduate or professional studies 在美国或国外.

植物E. 兰登奖学金
弗洛拉E. 兰登奖学金 is awarded to women of exceptional ability who pursue graduate studies in botany at an American university recognized for its facilities 用于植物科学的研究生工作.


云顶集团是 生物化学社团 对所有科学专业的学生和对科学感兴趣的人开放吗. 俱乐部的目标是 to foster a community feeling with the science departments through a variety of coordinated 事件.


实习 help students explore possibilities, apply classroom learning, and gain 经验. 探索 实习和学分选择.


学生就业 为学生提供校内和校外的机会. 职业教育办事处 provides resources and support to students with or without Federal Work Study to find 工作,提交申请,并了解更多关于求职过程. 学生们 云顶集团 握手 — a website for job postings, 事件, resumes/cover letters, and career management.

主要 & 生涯探索

Exploring career options, choosing a 主要, and making career decisions is a multi-step 鼓励所有学生尽早和经常参与的过程. 云顶集团学生 有各种各样的资源可以通过 专业和职业页面 在这个过程中帮助他们.


云顶集团教育为学生准备今天的就业市场和未来. 学生 can explore job opportunities and access job search resources through the CEO职位搜索页面.

研究生 & 专业学校

学生 access resources for searching and applying to graduate and professional 学校通过 首席执行官研究生和专业学校页面, through faculty and staff members, or utilizing their own resources, network and 工具.


云顶集团 College and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School are offering 云顶集团学生 学士学位和硕士学位相结合的课程. 这 4 + 1项目 combines a bachelor’s degree from 云顶集团 with a master of science degree from Johns Hopkins in business analytics and risk management, information systems, health care 管理、财务或市场营销. 学生可以在大三的时候申请. GRE考试 or GMAT tests have been waived but applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better and have passed some quantitative reasoning courses with a grade of B或更好.





云顶集团 is a great place to learn about biology, 化学, and math because you get to build a close personal relationship with your professors and classmates.”